Recognizing and Naming Hard Realities

As part of our ongoing visioning and discernment for the future, and regarding the question from our bishop, i.e., does Holy Cross desire to be a church plant of the diocese in Oceanside?, I’ve adjusted our visioning process.

Strategic Partner

Donald Romanik, who had agreed to lead this process, has scaled back on the long-term (5-10 year) strategic thinking that he typically does. He will remain a strategic thinking partner moving forward, rather than leading the process. He is happy to continue in this capacity, and we discussed a couple of innovative possibilities for how Holy Cross can function in the future. More on this to come!

Fresh Perspective

The diocese starts a new employee soon: the canon for mission resources, who will be the Rev. Jason Evans. He will be part of our fall visioning and planning retreat. His resume is top notch, and his position is geared toward our exact circumstance: mission.

What Is Reasonable

With his expertise and with leadership from our bishop’s committee, Holy Cross will be well positioned to evaluate and enact a future that is reasonable. What is reasonable may not be what this congregation thought it might accomplish, specifically becoming a parish. While this may have been a conversation as recently as a couple years ago, it is obvious now that our circumstances call for a different frame of mind. It is a gift of the Spirit, I would argue, that Holy Cross was not a parish during the worst portions of our first year dealing with COVID. If we had been, I don’t know where we’d be right now, as we wouldn’t have had access to diocesan resources.

This may be saddening to some, and I understand why. However, I would posit that this is in fact freeing.

Acknowledging what’s not possible enables us to seek what is possible. Recognizing and naming hard realities is not necessarily fun, however, it will allow us to be more open to the Spirit and its calling for Holy Cross.

We can embrace our own possibilities with Open Minds and Open Arms! I look forward to seeing that conversation through. If you feel called to help Holy Cross vision that future, don’t hesitate to let me know now!