Happy Easter!

This morning we celebrate Jesus the Christ overcoming death and the grave, as the old Easter troparion states: “Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and on those in the tombs bestowing life!”
Christ is risen indeed, alleluia!

More than anything, in the face of a time of turbulence, pandemic, and turmoil, Easter reminds us that there is no greater disruption to the world as we know it than the love of Jesus. May you see with Easter eyes the truth, that God is doing bigger things than we can ask or imagine. Through the Body of Christ, we, the Church, are granted newness of life in this world, here and now. The captives are set free! The oppressed can rejoice for freedom! The dead sing praises!

Holy Cross has been through so much in one year, the ending of our time in our former space in Bressi Ranch, we exit the tomb with Jesus in a new space and with many of the same questions as the disciples that first Easter morning. They weren’t rejoicing, they were dumbfounded. They didn’t feel free, they were terrified for their lives from the events of the Passover. They weren’t renewed, they felt beaten and downtrodden. Just like us, they were asking, “what’s next?” “Where do we go from here?” “Who are we now?” “Where is God leading us?”

We won’t have all the answers right away, neither did the disciples. It turned out pretty well if you take the long view of history. It’s ok not to have all the answers right away! Jesus, through mystery and through the work of the Holy Spirit, guided his friends through a new wilderness, a new wilderness of God’s ever transforming call on our lives.
So, we enter that new wilderness for ourselves. We wonder, watch, and wait for the risen One, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, to show us the new way. May your Easter be one of awe, wonder, and splendor. May these next fifty days of Easter be one of renewal of life and hope.

As Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has said in his own Easter message: “Our work goes on. Our labor for love continues. We will not cease, and we will not give up until this world reflects less our nightmare and more God’s dream where there’s plenty good room for all God’s children. Hallelujah anyhow.”