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The Artwork of John August Swanson

Dear People of Holy Cross, Since we relocated in 2012, I have been interested in finding religious artwork that might hang at Holy Cross. Until mid-September, nothing had yet emerged. But then I attended an art show at St. James Episcopal Church in La Jolla where 25 works of John August Swanson were displayed for… Read more »

Icon of Our Lady of the Sign

Artist: Daniel Bissler Icons have often been referred to as windows into heaven. The icon of Our Lady of the Sign is an icon of the Most Holy Virgin. In Greek, the Mother of God is called “Theotokos”. The image of the Theotokos appeared in the catacombs of the first Christians. The “Icon of the Sign”… Read more »

A Reflection on Community

In our day, when we go to the theater we say “I’m going to see a play.” But in Shakespeare’s day, theatergoers said “I’m going to hear a play.” It makes sense. Today’s theatrical emphasis is on the visual (staging, costumes, lighting) whereas in the late 16th century, ears were tuned to hear iambic pentameter,… Read more »