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On Death and Life In a Community of Faith

  It’s not about the _____________: on death and life in a community of faith One Sunday in August, Holy Cross’ St. Francis-in-residence (or should I say St. Frances), Robyn, asked for prayers for a good friend who was dying. A friend named Chuck. That same morning she and Tim found that their Madagascar cockroach… Read more »

Children and Social Media

Recently comedian Louis C.K. was a guest on Conan O’Brien’s late night show. During the interview, he explained why he doesn’t let his daughters have smart phones. “Children who communicate primarily through social media don’t learn basic interpersonal skills because they don’t experience the facial reactions that build empathy.” Combining humor with insight, C.K. went… Read more »

A Reflection on Community

In our day, when we go to the theater we say “I’m going to see a play.” But in Shakespeare’s day, theatergoers said “I’m going to hear a play.” It makes sense. Today’s theatrical emphasis is on the visual (staging, costumes, lighting) whereas in the late 16th century, ears were tuned to hear iambic pentameter,… Read more »