A Message From Rev. Richard

Greetings in the name of Christ Jesus!

I am exhilarated to be called as your new vicar! From the beginning of my discernment with you, your motto of “Open minds, open arms” struck me for two reasons. The first reason is your reputation as a congregation, welcoming the marginalized and dispossessed from the world and the church. This speaks deeply to my own sensibilities as an ordained minister, because I strive to live out that Gospel calling that I believe Jesus calls us all into. Having a community that starts with that same mindset seems a clear opportunity and advantage for us to begin our ministry together.

The second reason it struck me is that from my experience of you all as a congregation, it means that there’s enormous, flexible, spiritual space in which to minister with you all. You seem open not only to those already in your midst and not yet, but to the very different possibilities of what it might mean to be “church” in this new era of Christian communal ministry. Your spiritual vitality stems from a willingness to step outside of the traditional understandings of the church as an institution. What an incredible opportunity for a younger priest to grow with you! Together, we’ll get to shape an answer to what the future might look like for faithful disciples in the 21 st century.

Since that initial discernment, my sense of calling with you all was confirmed in conversations with your leadership, past and present, repeatedly. I look forward to more of those conversations. It is with great enthusiasm, hope, and humility that I enter this journey with you all. May Jesus walk with us each step, guided by the Holy Spirit, with blessings from God Almighty.

In grace and joy,
Richard +